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International Conference of Undergraduate Research: Call for contributions

�ConferenceThe first Monash-Warwick Conference of Undergraduate Research, a 24 hour event staged concurrently at Monash University in Australia and here on campus, takes place on 10 May 2013. Current undergraduate students across disciplines will showcase the fruits of their research experiences, through spoken and poster presentations.

Conference presenters will be linked not just by themes, but also by technology. The event will feature sessions where students from both Monash and Warwick will present research in joint panels and via virtual posters, to audiences from both universities.

Three Monash students and two Warwick students will also be selected to receive a full stipend to fly to the UK and Australia respectively to present in person.

There will be prizes for the best spoken and poster presentations and successful presenters will be approached to submit their papers for publication in the refereed undergraduate research journal Reinvention.

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Gain support and training in writing a conference abstract, creating a poster, networking at a conference and creating and delivering an effective presentation.

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Closing date: Friday 15 March 2013

The organisers are looking to include all sections of the University. Papers and posters should be based on research undertaken whilst an undergraduate at Warwick, either as part of a module or outside the curriculum as an independent research project.