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IGGY partners with Guardian Teacher Network: Live event

On Tuesday 22 January 6-8pm there will be a live Q&A hosted on the Guardian Teacher Network on the role of technology in gifted and talented education. The discussion will aim to explore the state of gifted and talented education, technologies and techniques being used to support and nurture these students, and trends and best practice for education professionals working in this space.

You can read more about the Q&A here.

Guardian Teacher Network

The expert panel will include educational technologists and gifted and talented professionals, including IGGY Director, Adrian Hall and Academic Principal, Dr Adam Boddison.

During the live chat, panellists and participants will be asked to share ideas, experiences and tips around technology and gifted and talented education.

The live chat is now open for advance questions and comments which you can post on the discussion thread here. You can also email comments or tweet @guardianteach.

Visit the Guardian Teacher Network between 6pm and 8pm on Tuesday 22 January to take part in the live chat.