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Inspiration from Viki Cooke

Viki Cooke Take what you do seriously – but not yourself. That was the advice from Viki Cooke, Vice Chair of Council and Pro-Chancellor of the University, at the most recent Inspiring Women event in September.

Viki talked to a packed room of Warwick colleagues about her experience of navigating a career and shared her thoughts on achieving your potential, dealing with everyday sexism and tackling typical female confidence issues.

I really enjoyed yesterday’s session; Vicki is so right; it is so important to be true to yourself and your values, and to see colleagues as fellow human beings who may have things going on in their lives that may prevent them from behaving as we would like them to.
Yesterday’s talk was especially thought provoking.
Clare Walker, Deputy Registrar’s Office

Viki spoke about the importance of just getting on with things – especially if you are outside your comfort zone and finding yourself coming up with reasons not to do something.

Be true to yourself – if you find your values are being compromised, be prepared to walk away. Follow what you love and what interests you rather than what you feel you should do.

Be willing to accept yourself as a human being, recognising and being willing to share your vulnerabilities. Celebrate these as they make you who you are. Viki advises finding yourself a great mentor - ideally someone outside your organisation.

If you have an idea – give it a go! Most people who are entrepreneurs don’t have a strategy. Use your contacts to impress others, influence them and challenge their assumptions. Networking is essential to success.

Don’t forget you can be a valuable role model to others, as you can offer different perspectives.

And her final piece of advice? Take what you do seriously – but not yourself.

Future events

Watch this space for details and how to sign up for the next in the series of inspiring speakers.

All staff are welcome to attend. If you have any queries or suggestions for upcoming events please email Anne Wilson on A dot E dot Wilson at warwick dot ac dot uk

What you thought

Really enjoyed it, especially liked the informal approach and stories of experiences she had had. Took away a tip which I will use in the future – the idea of 'worry meetings' which then becomes a 'risk register'. That was very useful.
Madeleine Langeveld, WMG
I really enjoyed the event and got practical advice I can take forward with my team. The speaker was engaging and had some excellent points to make based on her personal experience. It was also nice to be in a female audience as the dynamic was very supportive and whilst there were many conversations none of them were dominant or deafening!
James Farnhill, IT Services