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Meet the January Wonders & Wows Winners

We are delighted to announce the latest winners of our Warwick Wonders and Wows awards. Nominated by you, these awards celebrate the amazing people in our community and the work we do together.   

Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor decided for this award he would like to surprise the winners while they were at work on campus. The internal comms team were on hand to capture this special moment - watch our winners’ reactions in this video.

After presenting the awards, Stuart said:  

“Having read the impressive nominations, I wanted to go out and find the winners on campus, to hear more about what they’re doing and celebrate their achievements.

These awards are a chance to highlight and commend our fantastic people and their work at Warwick. Today's winners are a great example of colleagues going above and beyond to engage our community and make a positive difference". 

You can congratulate the winners and share stories in the comments section at the bottom of the page. 

Warwick Wonders 

There are two joint winners of the Warwick Wonders award, which celebrates the people we are proud to work with at our University. The Wonders recognise colleagues who have gone above and beyond to make a positive difference, enrich our community and demonstrate what we value.   

Tom Ritchie & Adam Alcock

Department of Chemistry

Tom, Director of Student Experience, and Adam, Student Engagement and Experience Coordinator, have prioritised re-engaging students following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Setting up the We Are Chemistry programme, they have developed and delivered activities to help bring together students and build a community. These activities have included trips off campus, five-a-side football, film nights, a running club, mentoring, academic support and much more.

After receiving the award, Tom commented:  

“We do activities every single week and we’ve tried to build an ecosystem around it. So, on Wednesdays, we take professional headshots for students’ LinkedIn profiles and their research posters. We have animal therapy events – including a petting zoo on campus. Anything to do with support, wellbeing and community.  

Tom and Adam went on to highlight:  

“We put on a town hall where we had academics and ourselves talking about the support we are giving and exam advice. On the day, Adam and I thought that nobody was going to come, but we walked in and there were about a hundred people, and we knew we were doing the right thing. 

Warwick Wows 

The Warwick Wows celebrate amazing work, projects, and achievements at the University.

Warwick Christmas Lectures

Department of Physics

The Warwick Christmas Lectures are an annual team effort, driven by the Department of Physics, that culminates in a series of live performances in the Butterworth Hall at Warwick Arts Centre with Christmas-themed science demonstrations. 

This year, Ally Caldecote and Tish Mehta worked with Paul Warwick from China Plate Theatre to deliver an accessible, exciting programme of talks and demonstrations, bringing together colleagues and students from across the University.

After receiving the award, Tish commented:  

“Ally has been the most brilliant person to work with. It’s a privilege and a joy working with her. A huge thank you for everything she does for the department, it’s incredible. 

Ally highlighted:  

Warwick Arts Centre very kindly waive fees for school groups, including Brownies and Guides. There was a Scouts group that got back in touch after the lecture and said that they wanted to make a payment, and they donated their money in memory of our friend and colleague John HorslerLink opens in a new window. The fact that people come and appreciate the Christmas lectures is enough for us, but they wanted to do something to express their gratitude which was really lovely. 

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to our colleagues who submitted a nomination. We received many high-quality nominations, and the Vice-Chancellor will select more Wonders and Wows winners in the coming weeks.   

All of the Warwick Wows you nominated are deserving of a big thank you. All the entrants for this award are listed below. One project from this list will be declared our February winner soon.

Next month we will be revealing the full list of nominees for the Warwick Wonders Awards, along with February’s winners.

Warwick Wows Nominees

  • The Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research 
  • Research in cardiac arrest outcomes, by the EPPIC Team  
  • Commonwealth Games and Summer of 2022  
  • Equitea  
  • The Gardens Team in Estates  
  • Risk Management Programme  
  • International Students - Post Study Work Visa Implementation Project 
  • Alumni Relations  
  • Introduction of the new payroll system  
  • Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)  
  • National Scientific Thinking Challenge  
  • The Warwick Award
  • Resonate Programme August-December 2022
  •  Data Science for Social Good summer programme  
  • The University AM cleaning team 
  • Community Safety team
  • Hybrid working project
  • Summer Works Programme
  • Contextual Data  
  • Disability Support - Portal for Unitemps
  • OPTIMA - Optimal Personalised Treatment of early breast cancer  
  • PathLAKE  
  • Chemistry Outreach Strategy
  • WBS Early Careers Researchers Network & Connect Event 
  • The 'Tackling Racial Inequalities at Warwick' initiative
  • Martha McGill's 1649 Witch Hunt Card Game
  • Cyber Security Management MSc course
  • International Student Support
  • Introduction to Active Bystander 
  • Furniture Reuse  
  • Meno Moves Ltd

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