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Welcome to Warwick: The Journey 2014

kicWarwick welcomes 43 Masters and PhD students taking part in a Climate Knowledge & Innovation Community Summer School called The Journey. The Journey is a five-week, three-centre course with students staying at Warwick from 4-18 August. The course aims at equipping students:

  • To make an impact on the global effort to adapt to and stop further climate change
  • To become entrepreneurs

Students, who will go to Berlin and Wroclaw after their stay at Warwick, will acquire new skills and a new understanding of the challenges which face innovators seeking to mitigate the effects of climate change and to adapt to it.

Whilst at Warwick, students will:

  • Make solar cells using soft fruit in Chemistry
  • Explore Warwick’s Energy Trail
  • Find out about low-carbon agriculture at the Crop Centre
  • See the latest battery technology at WMG

Climate-KIC’s multidisciplinary approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation is reflected in the academic background of the Summer School participants: just 34% of the students have science and environment related qualifications with the majority specialising in business, humanities, architecture and other engineering courses from aerospace to construction.

The programme culminates in a challenge where students pitch their ideas for solutions to real-world climate related issues. Based on their own creativity and climate change knowledge, students must present a detailed business plan to a judging panel consisting of venture capitalists, start-up entrepreneurs and scientists.

The Journey 2013 resulted in 40 new business ideas – several of which are now moving forward and solving some of the major challenges associated with reducing climate change.

For more information about The Journey, including how to apply for The Journey 2015, contact Dr Ian Hancox at I dot Hancox at warwick dot ac dot uk.