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Keeping Campus Moving update: 10 June 2014

Here are the latest updates relating to our large-scale campus development project. For more information, visit

Last chance to register for July permit suspension

This fortnight is your last chance to register for our Keeping Campus Moving permit suspension scheme for July. The deadline for registrations is Friday 20 June 2014.

The scheme offers you the chance to suspend your parking permit payments for July to September 2014 on the understanding that you'll only park on campus 20% of the time that you normally would (one day a week on average if you work full time). If you're interested, you can register for permit suspension now.

As part of the scheme, you can sign up for a free cycle health check, including free small parts (e.g. brake pads) if they need to be replaced.

10 free journeys on Travel De Courcey buses

As the closure of Gibbet Hill Road between the car park 2 roundabout and the Scarman roundabout approaches, you can register to receive a "taster ticket" for 10 free journeys on Travel De Courcey buses. These could be particularly useful for days when large events or conferences are taking place on campus, creating more traffic than usual.

You can use the free trips on the following Travel De Courcey buses: 43A, 43W, L1 and W1-58. The trips will also be valid on the 360 bus, but only for trips between Eastern Green and the University.

Register for a De Courcey taster ticket

Only a few permits for extra Scarman/Leighfield Road parking remaining

There aren't many permits remaining for the additional parking along Scarman Road and Leighfield Road that we've arranged. If you've already got a Warwick parking permit, you're eligible to register.

All of the available special permits for temporary parking along Leighfield/Scarman Road have now been reserved. This form is now closed.

If you've already registered, we'll be in touch shortly.

Pool permits

Car Sharing can save you money, put you in touch with colleagues and is better for the environment than single user car journeys. If you have a parking permit, you can join together with other permit holders to take advantage of a pool permit.

Your existing permit deductions will be stopped and instead you can jointly purchase a pool permit, sharing the monthly payments between you.

Register your interest the pool permit scheme

You can also sign up to the existing Warwick car sharing schemes:

Sign up for WarwickShare