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Limmud Conference 2013

Set up: Wednesday 18 - Thursday 19 December

Shabbat [Sabbath]: Friday 20 - Saturday 21 December

Main Conference: Sunday 22 - Thursday 26 December

Based in the UK, Limmud is a global leader in the field of Jewish educational events. Founded over 25 years ago, the renowned annual winter conference attracts a considerable number of participants from all walks of life, backgrounds, lifestyles and ages.

Warwick has played host to Limmud’s annual event each year since 2007, following its continued success Limmud will be returning to Warwick for their 2013 conference.

It will take place in a number of venues around campus, including Rootes Building, the Arts Centre and the Ramphal Building.

Requirements and further information

In order to allow participants to observe Shabbat (the Sabbath), when work is forbidden, a temporary linked fence (an Eruv) will encircle Rootes, Benefactors, the Students Union, Social Sciences, Jack Martin, Arthur Vick, Whitefields, past the shops and back to Rootes. This is a ceremonial barrier which allows those inside the Eruv to enjoy Shabbat within the laws of the religion and freely carry items within the enclosures of the boundary. This period commences on Friday 20 December at 15.41 until Saturday 21 December at 16.52.

For full information regarding what's happening on campus, download the Limmud brief(Word Document) from Warwick Conferences.

For further details on Limmud and the Limmud Conference, visit