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Lunchtime workshops for academic staff and Heads of Department

Academic staff and Heads of Department are being encouraged to sign up for a lunch time workshop, designed to help us consider how we can attract more high quality students, researchers and investors to the University.

The Heads of Department workshop will take place from 12.30-1.30pm on Thursday 21 November, the academic staff workshop will run from 12.30-1.30pm on Tuesday 3 December. Lunch will be provided at both sessions.

A range of issues will be explored at the workshops, including your perceptions and experiences of the University and its relative strengths and weaknesses compared to other institutions. The workshops will help us to establish exactly what is distinctive about Warwick – and we’ll be able to use that to attract more high quality students, researchers and investors.

We’ve already spoken to students and administrative staff and we’re really keen to get you involved to ensure that our findings are truly representative of the University.

The workshops are being run by Community Research, an independent research company. Nothing you say will be individually fed back to the University, without your express permission. Community Research adheres at all times to the Market Research Society’s guidelines.

Please sign up online