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The Mediasmith Project

2250How can thinking like a filmmaker enhance my research?

What's digital storytelling got to do with academic enquiry?

How could I use transmedia documentary in my teaching?

If you are interested in these questions you might like to know about The Mediasmith Project, an IATL funded fellowship project led by Ruth Leary from the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies. Building on innovative approaches to research and teaching such as Open Space Learning and a growing interest within the academy in creative research methods, it aims to explore transmedia documentary as a method of research enquiry and presentation.

Colleagues from all disciplines are invited to join a small group of researchers to participate in three days of intensive workshops between January and June 2014.

The workshops will be led by documentary makers, digital storytellers and creative technologists who will inspire and assist you in making your own ten minute transmedia documentary.

At the end of the process you will be invited to present your film at a screening day and contribute to a symposium on the theme of transmedia documentary as research in June 2014. This final event will also explore questions of rigour, ethics, and methodology and consider the viability of the practice as a legitimate method for research and teaching.

For more details on how to get involved please visit the website: The Mediasmith Project