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Meeting Point signs in Atrium

Thanks to an ingenious idea from a member of staff in Student Careers & Skills, two new meeting point signs have been introduced in University House atrium to help colleagues and visitors find one another more easily when meeting in University House.

Meeting point signs

Sue Johnstone, a Senior Careers Consultant, put forward the idea through the Academic Registrar's Office Suggestion Scheme. She said:

I'd visited a number of other organisations that were using these type of signs in foyers and cafes and thought it would work really well here at Warwick, especially in University House where so many meetings take place. I'm delighted the idea was adopted - it will hopefully save lots of embarrassment trying to find colleagues you've never met before and having to write descriptions of what you're wearing!"

The new signs were put up on Monday and represent a great example of our spirit of Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver. The signs provide two clearly defined meeting points outside the Learning Grid entrance (Orange/Meeting Point A) and near the banquet seating (Purple/Meeting Point B) where you can now arrange to meet colleagues more easily.

meeting point signs

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