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Monash-Warwick News

Professor Ed Byrne, the President and Vice-Chancellor at Monash University visited Warwick on Thursday 4 July, on the very day the first Monash-Warwick joint research appointments were announced in THE.

Professor Byrne, who visited Warwick on 4 July as part of the ongoing Monash-Warwick Alliance said:

Monash and Warwick have enjoyed a strong and productive relationship over many years and I am delighted at how much our formal partnership has widened and deepened that relationship. It is clearly a model partnership that is attracting significant interest across our sector. I am privileged to be able to continue to play a direct role in its growth and development for another academic year and when I take up my next appointment at Kings I will continue to be a keen observer of how it grows and develops.

Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Nigel Thrift said:

In just 18 months our Monash-Warwick Alliance has delivered a broad range of truly joint academic endeavours. We now have academic appointments, a joint PhD with student scholarships and a range of joint student activities such as the student run Reinvention journal, the Green Steps programme and the International Conference for Undergraduate Research. The speed of that success has been helped by the compelling close historical experience of the two universities. Both were born in the 1960s, and from their earliest days they have been recognised as pioneering universities, renowned for a fast-paced innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that has brought rapid success and quickly built strong global reputations.

Professor Andrew Coats the Academic Vice-President of the Monash-Warwick Alliance said:

We have to thank Ed for having the vision and commitment to bring Monash into this close alliance with Warwick. I am delighted he has been able to so quickly see our alliance deliver solid achievements and truly joint activities such as the three joint appointment announced in THE on 4 July. I know he will maintain an abiding interest in how the Alliance he helped create continues to deepen.