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Students go 'down under' for Alliance Sports Challenge 2013

wma_sport_2013Good luck to 30 of our students who are in Melbourne to take part in the Alliance Sports Challenge 2013 - the first time students from Warwick and from Monash University will go head-to-head in the sporting arena.

They will be competing for the Alliance Trophy in four short versions of traditional sports: Fast Net Netball, Soccer Fives, Hockey Sevens and Water Polo Fives. During their two week stay, our students will also gain an insight into Australian culture and life and share learning and experiences with their Monash counterparts.

Academic Vice-President and Director of the Monash Warwick Alliance Professor Andrew Coats says healthy competition is good for any relationship:

British/Australian relations in the sporting arena have always been fiercely competitive yet friendly. This challenge allows students from both universities to pitch their best against each other in friendly battle. I'm sure it will be the beginning of a rivalry that will grow and I cannot wait for the games to begin".

Natasha Cabral, University of Warwick Students' Union Sports Officer, says:

This has been such an exciting project to create, involving eight months of planning. The 30 students flying to Melbourne deserve a huge amount of recognition as the selection process included presentations, applications and interviews with the focus on employability and personal development. As a result, every member of ‘Team Warwick’ is very much looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity".

Organising the Alliance Sports Challenge has also provided a great opportunity for the two universities’ sport departments to work together to learn more about each other’s organisation and the various ways of delivering sport and recreational activities to the benefit of both campus communities.

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