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Need funding to celebrate Warwick’s 50th anniversary?

Have you got an idea for an event to celebrate Warwick's 50th anniversary? Need financial support? There is a fund available to staff and students to support anniversary events around the theme of 'Imagining the future'. You have until Monday 31 March to apply.

What type of events are eligible for funding?

We'd love to hear your ideas relating to the overarching theme of 'Imagining the Future', linking to one or more of the following subthemes:
· Showcasing our campus and facilities
· Celebrating our international presence, teaching and learning
· Acknowledging our success, spirit and achievements
· Providing opportunities for connecting alumni with each other and the University
· Leaving a legacy for the next 50 years

How do I apply?

You can find out more about the funding, and find details of how to apply on the 50th Anniversary webpages.