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New Placement Learning Unit

The University is delighted to announce a new service in Student Careers and Skills. The Placement Learning Unit, supported by a new Placement Learning team, will focus on helping students to recognise the contribution work experience makes to their employability, and provide bursaries to support them in accessing opportunities appropriate for them.

The Unit will capitalise on existing relationships with 1,000+ regional, national and international employers across all sectors. Its work builds on previous success; last summer 250 students received funding for their internships, 50 of whom were outside the UK. And 40 graduates benefited from 4-week paid internships with regional employers.

The majority of top recruiters tell us that graduates with no work experience have little or no chance of receiving a graduate job offer from them. Also, we know that many employers use placements to spot talented future employees, so Warwick is investing in this Unit so its students can stand out from the crowd. Over 300 employers are regularly on campus as they recognise the quality of Warwick graduates; in the autumn over 950 placements were advertised across all sectors.

Stephen Ward, Head of External Relations explained:

through workshops, resources and referral to colleagues, we will support students to develop the skills to make high quality placement applications and to gain maximum reflective learning from their experience. Many students use placements to test out their interest in particular sectors, and often report that these experiences have helped them make good career choices.”

Warwick students are very diverse; some want to work for major corporate employers, whilst others look towards SMEs, not-for-profit, third sector employers. These are often difficult to enter, and have little or no need to advertise, nor the means to do so. We recognise the diversity of our students’ ambitions and we know that work experience provides the most reliable basis for many to gain the necessary experience and contacts. We aim to ensure that the availability of placements matches student interest by reaching out via alumni and other contacts in these sectors.

Placement Learning Team

The new Placement Learning team is based in Student reception on the ground floor of University House, and comprises:

  • Emma Nugent, Placement Learning Manager
  • Kimberley Counsell, Placement Learning Officer (Arts)
  • Peggy Vazoura, Placement Learning Officer (Science)
  • Lai-leng Fong, Placement Learning Officer (Social Sciences)
  • Marie Kettell, Placement Learning Assistant

Pictured here with Stephen Ward, Head of External Relations, the team began their new roles on 20 February 2012.

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