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Building relationships through student blogs

Postgraduate blogs screenshotWarwick has launched a new postgraduate blog that introduces new arrivals to our postgraduate community and the support, facilities and resources that are available when they start.

All blog posts are written by current PG students at Warwick, who remember what it is like to start postgraduate study for the first time. The content of the blog anticipates concerns and ensures that the expectations of new students are met with a friendly and empathetic voice. Through the blog's peer-to-peer support those coming to Warwick will be better able to hit the ground running when they arrive.

Each post offers a personal insight to life here at Warwick and the postgraduate experience. This means that the blog also appeals to the interests of our current students, as well as our new arrivals.

Students have been posting about everything from tips on what to bring with you to how to become part of the academic community.

Read the posts at or follow them through the Postgraduate Facebook page or Twitter @warwickpostgrad

Please spread the word and enjoy the posts.

The postgraduate blog is part of our wider student blogs, which include posts from undergraduate and lifelong learning students.