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One World Week -Tuesday 28 January

One World Week logoOne World Week, the world's largest student run international event, returns to Warwick from 25 January-2 February 2014. During the week the campus comes alive with a series of debates and discussions, parades and performances, a host of sporting tournaments and events and cultural exhibitions and workshops.

Tuesday 28 January itinerary:


Rising Nations and Human Rights:

Human Rights abuse still garner widespread media attention and public condemnation. With issues such as rape in India, the suppression of LGBT rights in Russia, and the lack of freedom of speech in China, many are left wondering what can be done and who will enforce a change in policy. Historically, the world has turned to the US but some argue this state has lost its authority to police other states. If there is to be a shift in global governance, with news about Guantanamo Bay and drone strikes, one can wonder whether the US will allow itself to be monitored by foreign forces. We shall discuss the changing power roles of these rising states and how it may affect the world’s previous superpower.

Woods-Scawen lecture room on the ground floor of Warwick Arts Centre 6pm-8pm


Charity Day:

This day will showcase the charity societies present at the University through hosting fundraising events and placing informative stalls within the Students' Union to raise awareness for the charities' causes.

SU Atrium, 12pm-6pm


The Sports element of One World Week encourages students to participate in a variety of different sports and activities. Mondays activities include:

  • Cricket 6s
  • Rugby 7s/9s
  • Warwick World Cup


Warwick's Got Talent:

Inspired by Britain's Got Talent and the X-Factor, this Nights event offers students the chance to showcase their musical and performance talents. As a competition, students will have the opportunity to audition and perform in front of a panel of judges and an audience of students.

Copper Room 1, 12pm-6pm

One World Conference

The week concludes with the One World Conference, a platform for students from all over the world to come together and discuss topics related to making the optimum use of their time at university and what their future after university will be like. Sessions for 2014 will look at border control and freedom of movement, UN responsibility for providing basic education worldwide and corporations and the collapse of the economy.

The grand finale of One World Week 2014 will be marked by the World Party in the Copper Rooms, and promises a fabulous end to a week of fantastic events.

Further information

One World Week is in its 19th year, and is a non-profit initiative which aims to stimulate personal development, inspire a view based on acceptance and appreciation of global cultures, and encourage awareness of and positive action on issues which affect our world.