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Be part of One Big Thing

Be part of something big on Wednesday 21 October 2015, as our Warwick community joins together to be more active for the day.

Choose how you want to take part – what could you and your team be doing? Share your pledge with us!

What’s happening?

There’ll be plenty happening here on campus, with free use of sports facilities, running and walking groups, free aerobics classes, free tennis and swimming sessions. Keep an eye on the Warwick Sport website as more activities are added over the coming days.

You’ll be able to take part during the Registrar’s Meeting – after the update from Ken Sloan, he’ll be leading a walk around campus. Take the time to catch up with colleagues as we explore campus on one of our walking routes.

What else can I do?

Adapt the way you work

Need to catch up with colleagues? Walk over and speak to them instead of emailing!

How about a walking meeting? Explore our campus on one of our walking routes.

Usually take the lift? Start using the stairs today.

Have a standing meeting – helps to focus discussion and makes you more active in the process!

Cycle to work

Travel in on a network of cycle routes which link campus to the local cycle networks, and take advantage of plenty of cycle parking spaces and showers when you get here.

Cycle around campus

Try out our new Unicycles bike share scheme – register today, and you’ll be all set to pick up a bike for short hops to help you get to your meetings on time, or for a longer stretch of time if you want to explore the local area.

Don’t fancy those activities?

Come up with your own idea and share it with us!

About One Big Thing

We’re one of the lead partners in the One Big Thing initiative, along with Coventry University, Coventry City Council, CSW Sport and the Workplace Wellbeing charter. We’re aiming to get people to participate in 30 minutes of physical activity throughout the day, and working together to create a healthier and more energetic community.

One Big Thing

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll feel the benefit. Help get as many colleagues and students as possible taking part, and look out for updates on insite.

You’ll be among thousands of people in the local area taking part in the One Big Thing initiative, getting active on the same day.