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Outreach Day with Westwood Academy

One World Week is the largest student-run event at the University of Warwick and is held in January every year. This year One World Week is organising an Outreach Day with Westwood Academy students, taking place on 29 January 2014.

Through Outreach Day they aim to reach out to the local community with the hope to promote cultural awareness. They are inviting close to 50 school children from Westwood Academy in Years 5-6 to campus to display to them the diverse internationality by and within our University, with interactive activities and fun performances. This is a completely original, volunteer-based event created this year and we hope for the children to enjoy themselves whilst learning and gaining experience.

Further information

One World Week has been running for 19yrs, and is a non-profit initiative which aims to stimulate personal development, inspire a view based on acceptance and appreciation of global cultures, and encourage awareness of and positive action on issues which affect our world.

Find out more on the One World Website