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Help us manage energy use at peak times

Do you switch everything off when you go home for the night? Early evenings (5-7pm) is a peak time for energy use, and to generate it, the UK has to use the most inefficient and polluting power stations to generate electricity. We need your help to create a greener campus by keeping our energy usage down so that money can be better spent on services, teaching and research.

We spend nearly £10million on utilities every year (£1024 an hour). Leaving anything switched on in your office that doesn’t need to be on adds to our bills and carbon emissions. During peak times, the cost of a unit of electricity goes up dramatically.

  • By turning off Argent Court’s heating and ventilation 1 hour earlier we may have saved £468 for the year, the equivalent of a year’s worth of gas bills for a small flat. Did anyone notice we did this? Could you do this too? (please contact BMS dot schedules at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Please switch off everything that can be turned off and think about the most sustainable practice.

Visit the Sustainability website