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Phishing for Phools with Nobel Laureate George A. Akerlof 11 June

georgeOn Tuesday 11 June 2013, Nobel Prize-winning economist George A. Akerlof will present his Distinguished Visitor Lecture on 'Phishing for Phools' at Warwick.

George A. Akerlof is Koshland Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Akerlof is the author of 'The market for lemons: Quality uncertainty and the market mechanism', and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics with Michael Spence and Joseph E. Stiglitz in 2001.

His most recent work introduces social identity into formal economic analysis, creating the field of 'identity economics'.

Professor Akerlof will present his lecture on 'Phishing for Phools' from 4.15-5.15pm in room M1 of the Radcliffe Teaching Centre, followed by a drinks reception where participants will have a chance to talk to Professor Akerlof informally. There is no need to register for this lecture, just turn up on the day.

Watch Professor Akerlof's Prize Lecture in 'Behavioural macroeconomics and macroeconomic behaviour'.

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