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Reaching potential postgraduate students

This academic year we’ve introduced a programme of postgraduate visits to support engagement between potential postgraduate students and your academic department. Find out the benefits and how you can get involved.

Postgraduate visits are opportunities for potential students to come and see for themselves what Masters study at Warwick is all about.

There are lots of options for connecting with Warwick, so students can choose what suits them best. Direct your potential postgraduates (whether they are current students or new to Warwick) to take a look at the PG visits web pages at to find out more.

What can PG visits offer my department?

Get involved with the PG visits programme and the Student Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions Service (SROAS) can support you to connect with your prospective postgraduate students.

SROAS can offer:

  • Trained PG Ambassadors, paid for by SROAS, who can meet the visitor on campus, provide a personalised tour, share their experiences, then bring them to your department
  • An optional PG Visit bag with pre-selected information, into which you can insert course materials and promotional merchandise
  • Promotion for PG Visits to help raise the profile of your courses, and encourage prospective students to get in touch with you

Get involved

If you’re keen to meet with prospective students, the team would like to hear from you to discuss how they can support you. Contact Stephen Soanes in SROAS at s dot soanes at warwick dot ac dot uk

Find out more, including upcoming PG visits for the 2015/16 academic year.

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