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Professional staff travel to Monash

One of the primary aims of the Monash-Warwick Alliance is to explore operational benefits through collaboration. To help facilitate this, a new travel approval process for administrative and support staff travel to Monash has been introduced. This will ensure that, amongst other benefits, advice can be provided direct to travelling staff (e.g., accommodation deals, providing contacts in Monash, sharing travel dates for other staff visits) and that value of staff travel can be maximised (e.g., staff may be asked to broaden the scope of their visit to meet institutional needs).

Administrative and support staff proposing travel to Monash will be required to outline the planned visit objectives in advance and report against these on their return. The approval of visit proposals will be undertaken by the Registrar’s Office and the process will be managed by the Monash-Warwick Alliance Project Team.

Currently, the Alliance does not routinely fund administrative and support staff travel so it is assumed that most travel would be funded from local budgets.

The process is as follows:

  • Information is submitted by the person proposing the travel via the online form.
  • Submitted information will be received in the first instance by the Alliance Project Team at Warwick.
  • The proposal will be reviewed by the Registrar in light of wider Alliance plans.
  • Feedback on the proposed travel will be communicated back to the proposer by the Alliance Project Team. You should normally allow 10 working days for a response.
  • Flight and accommodation bookings should not be confirmed until you have received notification that the proposed visit has been approved.

A brief report on key outcomes and progress against the visit objectives will be requested by the Alliance Project Team for return no later than one month after the conclusion of the visit. A link to an online reporting form will be provided. Subsequent progress reporting may be requested to monitor achievement of longer term objectives.

Further information is available at:

Or you can contact the Monash-Warwick Alliance Project team via