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Professorial promotions celebration - 2 July 2018


A promotion to Professor is a professional and personal achievement - it recognises and highlights tenacity, drive and dedication, as well as internationally acknowledged work and research.

I was delighted to attend Warwick's very first professorial promotions celebration at the start of July and personally congratulate 2018's cohort of promoted academics. They have demonstrated outstanding leadership and collegiality during their time here at Warwick, contributing a great deal to student experience and engagement across their departments and faculties.

I send my thanks and appreciation to these new Professors, and look forward to the next chapter in their academic careers."
Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor

Image of Stuart and professors

Promoted academics

  • Dr Jo Angouri – Centre for Applied Linguistics (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Katherine Astbury – School of Modern Languages and Cultures – French (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Stephen Butterfill – Philosophy (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Colm Connaughton – Warwick Mathematics Institute (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Diarmuid Costello – Philosophy (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr James Covington – Engineering (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Sinead Farrington – Physics (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Ana Galvao – WBS (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Christine Harrison – Centre for Lifelong Learning (Associate Professor > Professorial Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Des Hewitt - Centre for Teacher Education (Head of Primary Teacher Education > Professorial Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Karen Lang – History of Art (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Ranko Lazic – Computer Science (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Keith Leppard – School of Life Sciences (Associate Professor (Reader) > Professorial Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr David Lines – School of Modern Languages and Cultures – Italian (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr David Loeffler – Maths (Reader > Professor)
  • Margaret Low – WMG (Principal Teaching Fellow > Professorial Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Christina Lupton – English (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Clare Lyonette – Warwick Institute for Employment Research (Principal Research Fellow > Professorial Research Fellow)
  • Dr Jason Madan – WMS (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Alice Mah – Sociology (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Suzy Moat – WBS (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Nick Monk – Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (Associate Professor > Professorial Teaching Fellow)
  • Dr Pinar Ozcan – WBS (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Magnus Richardson – Maths (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Victoria Rimell – Classics (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Karuna Sampath – WMS (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Ana Sanchez-Fuentes – Physics (Principal Research Fellow > Professorial Research Fellow)
  • Dr Michael Scott – Classics (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Daniel Ueltschi – Maths (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Ema Ushioda – Centre for Applied Linguistics (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Jane Warwick – WMS (Associate Professor > Professor)
  • Dr Derrick Watson – Psychology (Reader > Professor)
  • Dr Nikos Zygouras – Statistics (Reader > Professor)


If you have an idea about how to do something differently, the Warwick answer is almost invariably 'why not?'. Warwick has a willingness to experiment, to take risks, and to support innovation, that makes this University a continually exciting and inspiring place to work.”

Professor Michael Scott, Classics

Academics are given a great deal of autonomy and fantastic support for research, teaching, and professional development. Warwick has a vibrant and dynamic research environment, with considerable scope for developing interdisciplinary networks and collaborations."

Professor Alice Mah, Sociology