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Pulse 2013: The results

PulseThis year’s Pulse staff survey results are now available and the University report can be accessed online via the Pulse website.

The survey is important in giving you the chance to have your say about working at Warwick and helps us to understand how you feel about working here, what you like and what you think we need to improve on. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and for sharing your views.

Overall, there are a number of positive messages coming out of Pulse, with the survey revealing an engaged workforce who feel a sense of pride in working for the University. Our employee engagement index, which is based on staff advocacy and commitment, sits at 73%, comparing favourably with similar institutions and also showing a slight increase on our 2011 result.

60% of staff completed the survey this year, the same as 2011.

  • 89% said they always go the extra mile
  • 83% understand how their work contributes to the objectives of their department
  • 83% would recommend the University as a good place to study
  • 81% understand how their work contributes to the success of the University

There were improvements in a number of areas, compared to 2011, including:

  • 73% would recommend the University as a good place to work (+5%)
  • 60% receive constructive feedback from their Academic/Line Manager (+8%)
  • 54% believe their department does a good job of working together (+9%)
  • 52% feel secure in their job (+8%)
  • 50% feel sufficient resources are available to support the activities their department is responsible for (+6%)

Of course, there are areas that will require continuing focus and ongoing work, including inter-departmental working, communications and change management. Once the survey results have been fully considered, action planning to address these issues will begin.

Sharing the results

Departmental results were circulated last week and are being shared with staff through departmental communications channels.

Results have also been shared with Trade Unions and will be discussed at the next Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting between the University and Trade Union representatives.

Results will also be considered at the University’s Steering Committee.

What happens next?

Heads of Departments, Departmental Administrators, Pulse Champions and HR Advisers will now work together to draw up and implement local action plans, which will be regularly reviewed within departments to ensure progress is on track.

Updates on University and departmental action plans will be reviewed through the administrative Senior Officers group and by the Steering Committee.

These updates will also be shared across the University via departmental updates and the Pulse 2013 webpages.

The Pulse Champions, who played a key role in encouraging staff in their department to complete the survey, will continue to play a role working with their Heads of Departments.

Further information

Please visit the Pulse website

If you have queries please do contact your Head of Department, Departmental Administrator, Pulse Champion, link HR Adviser, or Sam Riley, HR Adviser at S dot Riley at warwick dot ac dot uk or ext. 28117.