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Registrar and Provost Meeting (staff)

The University provides a range of opportunities for staff and students to hear about how the University is developing and the context of the financial choices made to support that development. However there have been some requests recently for further opportunities to explore that topic, particularly in the context of queries around the University’s approach to pay and reward.

The University is therefore responding by providing a meeting to discuss this topic for staff in grades 1a to 5. This meeting follows on from Tuesday’s meeting of the Assembly, which staff on Academic, Research only and Teaching only terms and conditions and on grades 6-9 were eligible to attend.

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The meeting, hosted by the Registrar and Provost, will take place as follows:

Staff on grades 1a to 5: Friday 14 February, 1-2pm at the Arts Centre cinema

The meeting will include presentations from the Registrar and Provost and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions.There is no need to register for this meeting.