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Thank you for attending Registrar's Update

Thank you to everyone who was able to take time out of busy schedules to pop along to the Registrar's Update on 7 May. The update focused on the Ideas Space forum and outlined below is the ideas discussed:

An on-line planned preventative maintenance calendar to coordinate research groups with Estates

Overview of Idea: A shared “calendar” of Estates planned activity to minimise disruption to research activity.
Community Feedback: Observations that this may also be of benefit to other communities on campus; non-research staff, students. Observations there may be tools available that could be used for this. Generally seen as a good thing to do.

IM usage / Room Booking / Calendaring

Overview of Idea: This represents a number of ideas around the theme of a more consistent approach to using business tools. Specifically encouraging use of instant messengering for small communications, ensuring calendars are maintained to make scheduling and booking meetings simpler and more reliable, finding a better and consistent way to book meeting rooms.
Community Feedback: Generally a sense that there are tools available to solve these “problems” but no universally agreed way to use them and a lack of awareness on how to most efficiently apply them. Commentators are wary of imposing “one way” but feel it could reduce frustration and improve efficiency.

Creation of a marketplace for redundant research equipment between institutions across the globe.Overview of Idea: The University could be more socially responsible and potentially financially savvy in what we do with research equipment that is no longer needed and getting in the way.
Community Feedback: Very positively received but some concern on the legality and cost. There is a lack of clarity on what can and cannot be done with some cynicism that it could never work. There is a hope that supporting developing institutions to benefit from old equipment would be a worthwhile activity.

Booth of the Future

Overview of Idea: Provide small spaces/booths dedicated to video conferencing for people to have easy and quality access for video interviews – students for recruiter or academic interviews, staff for business conferencing. Removes issue of conducting such activities in public space, technical issues with using your own equipment, lighting, etc. Similar to conferencing booths to be found in airports
Community Feedback: Possible support by ITS but issues over where they could be, who they were for. Could be helpful for students to provide a more professional setting in recruiter interviews, etc.





Thank you for your comments and suggestions during the meeting they will be uploaded onto the Ideas Space forum shortly. If you were unable to attend but would like to get involved then find out more here.