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Professor Richard Ellis - Let There Be Light: Finding the Earliest Galaxies

richard ellisAs part of the Distinguished Lecture Series, Professor Richard Ellis will be visiting Warwick on Wednesday 22 May at 6pm.

Richard Ellis is the Steele Professor of Astronomy at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena. He is an observational astronomer who studies the distant Universe with a variety of facilities including the Hubble Space Telescope and the twin Keck telescopes in Hawaii.

Ellis' research interests include cosmology - the form and content of the Universe as a whole - and the evolution of galaxies over cosmic time. He has been influential in making many discoveries in these areas and is one of the world's most highly-cited astrophysicists.

His numerous awards include the Gruber Cosmology Prize and the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and was awarded a CBE in 2008 for his contributions to international science.

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It is also worth noting that artist Katie Paterson’s free exhibition in the Mead gallery (Warwick Art Centre) "In Another Time" running from early May until 22 June, contains dozens of letters to Richard Ellis about the deaths of stars. As The Guardian commented about this show: "Paterson makes us feel both sad, happy and amazed to be so small in such a world. Her work is deceptively low-tech yet connects us, with wry humour, to vast natural forces."