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What Does It Mean to Be Young in Modern Europe?

The film, What Does It Mean to Be Young in Modern Europe? was created by the team of research center "Region" (Ulyanovsk, Russia), and Center for Youth Studies (St. Petersburg, Russia) for international European project MYPLACE (Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement).

It is presented in three parts:


The first part of the film narrates about the anarchist movement in St. Petersburg. Anarchistic consolidations that arise in different parts of Europe tend to become the most radical protest movements both in Russia and in other countries. Tradition of secrecy, cultural isolation and radical forms of activism evokes an atmosphere of suspense around the anarchists. In this film we talk about the anarchists in the first person, showing their everyday life from the inside.

Our former NASHI

The youth movement “NASHI” is one of the most visible and contradictory projects on the stage of youth politics. In 2005, on the wave of growing radicalism, Russian authorities decided to organize an active youth base under its own leadership. Provided with both financial and ideological support from the government, the movement was given the opportunity to realize diverse social, activist, and political projects. Today parts of this movement are trying to distance themselves from their NASHI origins. We bring to your attention a firsthand story about past and present of pro-Kremlin movements.

Precarious Inflexible

The third film of the international documentary series is about Portuguese youth protest movements against government. The film based on research provided by the Portuguese team, the name of the film translates as – Precarious Inflexible.

Further information

More information about the film series can be found here 
To find out more about the research project go to the MYPLACE website

Part 1: "Anarchists"

20 February at 6:30-8.00pm
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Part 2: "Our Former NASHI"

24 February at 6:30-8.00pm
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Part 3: "Precários Inflexíveis"

27 February at 6:30-8.00pm
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