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SSR and Merit Pay

Senior Staff Review 2013/14

The Senior Staff Review Scheme will operate again this year, the Scheme covers period of 1 May 2013 to 31 December 2014. All eligible Level 9 colleagues are strongly encouraged to participate. Your Head of Department will confirm your eligibility shortly.If you are eligible, please complete a submission form and return it to your Head of Department, with a copy to, the deadline for submissions is 13th March 2015.

Merit Pay 2015

The Merit Pay Scheme will again be operated this year. This year’s Scheme will operate in relation to a 1 January 2014- 31 December 2014 performance period with awards paid in July 2015. The Review will operate on a nomination only basis (as Scheme B did previously). Scheme A submissions (self-nominations) will no longer be accepted. If you wish to be considered for a Merit Pay award, you will need to complete the DPR process by 13 March 2015.