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Strike Action February 2014

UNISON, UCU and UNITE intend to take a further day of joint strike action on Thursday 6 February as part of their dispute over the 2013/14 pay award of 1%.

We would like to remind colleagues of the University’s position with regard to the pay implications of participating in any such action, namely that the University is not obliged to pay staff who undertake strike action. Neither is the University obliged to accept partial performance of the contract of employment where staff are engaging in action short of a strike. Accordingly, the University is legally entitled to withhold pay in such circumstances and, should this come to pass, will do so.

The University’s process for self-declaration, form and statement on pay deductions can be found on the Payroll webpage.

As in past such strikes the University intends to operate as normally as possible on that day. Heads of Departments will, as ever, use their common sense to respond to any particular issues that arise on the day so as to minimise any adverse impact on students.

Our local relations with all of our campus Trade Unions remain positive and even as we enter what may be a challenging period, it is our view that our collegial approach helps us in such times of uncertainty.

Professor Stuart Croft and Ken Sloan

Provost Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

Download the University’s process for self declaration and statement on pay deductions