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Supporting Warwick's SU elections

The Students’ Union 2017 elections are underway with results to be announced on Friday 3 March. The officers are elected to represent the viewpoint of students at all levels of our decision-making structure and play a significant role in ensuring we can engage effectively with our students. Support for the elections is therefore a very important part of the relationship between the student community and the University.

Candidates start campaigning on Monday 27 February.

Election posters

Colleagues in Estates are working closely with the SU and staff in key parts of campus to manage the display of posters during this period. Additional election posters are allowed on campus on the agreement that nothing is placed near directional signage, that only specific materials are used to fix the posters, and that the SU applies financial penalties for candidates who have not removed all posters after the elections have closed.

Where there are high-profile events on campus where the display of election posters may not be appropriate, please liaise with Tim Yates in the Estates team at T dot Yates at warwick dot ac dot uk. This process has worked well in previous years.

Find out more

You can find out more about the elections at

Do encourage your students to vote – voting is open between Wednesday 29 February - Friday 3 March 2017.