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Sustrans cycle route through campus: Claycroft road temporary closure

Claycroft road will be temporarily closed to traffic for a period of two weeks starting Monday 29 July 2013. The road is highlighted in red on the map below.

This is to allow works to create a Sustrans approved route through the centre of campus, primarily for cyclists.


During the two weeks Claycroft road will be closed, the following work will take place:

  • create an opening in the timber fence at the barrier by Lynchgate road and provide a curved path through the trees. The crowns of larger trees will be lifted to 4m height;
  • remove the lines and signage on Claycroft road;
  • patch and repair the road surface along the lower stretch of Claycroft road at the South end; and
  • provide a drainage channel from the central section to the adjacent stream.

If there are any disabled users who need access to Claycroft road for emergency during the temporary closure period, please contact Stave-Con Ltd, Matthew Davies T: 01902 493749.

The programme of work to create the cycle route is scheduled to start on Monday 22 July and the completion date will be Friday 27 September.