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Changes to taxi routes from Monday 21 July

From Monday 21 July 2014, and while campus development works are still in progress, taxis will only be able to enter and exit main campus via Scarman roundabout.

Taxis will then be able to drop off passengers as far as the Rootes / Students’ Union area. The bus gate (currently outside Costcutter) will be moved further up the road towards Rootes, enabling vehicles to turn safely in the turning circle before returning around University Road.

The taxi rank will remain at Health Centre Road.

Please factor in any additional journey time and cost of the taxi following the diversion route.

Reminder: use of bus gates

Only buses, construction vehicles for the Gibbet Hill road works and those vehicles displaying a valid bus gate pass (issued for essential University operations only) will be allowed through the bus gate barriers.

Deliveries for Social Sciences, the Arts Centre and Bookshop will be allowed through the Rootes bus gate barrier as far as their destination, before turning around and returning along University Road.

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