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Teach First Summer Institute 2013

Teach First returns again to Warwick on Saturday 20 July for its Summer Institute. Almost 1,500 delegates will be on campus, with numbers increasing to over 2,500 for the second week of the event, when some of last year's participants return to Warwick. The event draws to a close on Friday 2 August.


Please be aware that Teach First delegates will be in classroom sessions throughout the day in close proximity to staff offices in many buildings on campus. If you are involved in the organisation of any event during the Teach First Summer Institute and have any questions or concerns regarding the availability of rooms, public spaces or any concerns regarding noise, please email Julie dot M dot Taylor at warwick dot ac dot uk

More Information

Teach First is an education charity, working in partnership with schools and other organisations to ensure that all children have an excellent education, regardless of their background. We recruit high calibre, passionate individuals to teach in schools serving pupils from low-income communities. Our participants join a Leadership Development Programme which involves teaching for a minimum of two years, achieving a PGCE and accessing wider leadership skills training. The Summer Institute is a six-week intensive course designed to prepare participants to begin teaching in September and for the rest of their training which will continue whilst in school. The first four weeks are spent in the area in which participants will teach and the final two are held at the University of Warwick.

In the long term we are creating a movement of leaders who are committed to influencing change in education, from both inside and outside the classroom. Our powerful community of ambassadors (those who have already completed the two year programme) which will grow to more than 2,000 this year, working to improve educational outcomes for hundreds of thousands of children.

For more information visit the Teach First website.

  • Monday 29 July sees over 2500 participants gather together in the Tennis Centre, Westwood campus, for an inter-cohort event known as the Impact Conference.
  • Teach First will also be running a series of social and sporting events and invites any willing participant to join them on Sunday 28 July from 12 noon on the Piazza for 2.5k, 5k or 10k fun runs.



Saturday 20 July to Friday 2 August 2013


Humanities, Social Sciences, Westwood, Sciences, Library building, Ramphal building, Rootes Building, Maths and Stats, Milburn House and Engineering for the entire event with the addition of WBS and some specific days in the Arts Centre.

Some of these locations will be used for the distribution of packed lunches – Westwood, Science Concourse, Humanities Concourse, Ramphal Foyer, Engineering Concourse, Social Sciences Concourse, Maths and Stats, as well as WBS during the second week of the event and the Piazza and Learning Grid Rootes on some specific days.


Main campus including Arthur Vick, Bluebell, Claycroft, Jack Martin, Rootes, Sherbourne, Tocil, Westwood, and Radcliffe Bluebell.