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Teaching facility refurbishment in Social Sciences

In February 2014, we unveiled a plan to invest £250m over the next five years in teaching and research facilities on campus, including £4m to upgrade and enhance centrally timetabled rooms across the campus.

A0.23 before refurbishmentA0.23 before refurbishment

As part of this ongoing activity across the University to improve your student experience, we have refurbished seminar room A0.23 on the ground floor of the FME Building in Social Sciences. Every year we give a range of centrally timetabled rooms a ‘makeover’ but this year we identified A0.23 as a room which could showcase the future of teaching facilities at Warwick to support your learning.

The FME building was built in the mid-seventies when we received funding from the Foundation for Management Education when the building was, at that time, part of Warwick Business School. Even in the mid-seventies, seminar room A0.23 was the School’s flagship room. It included the first horse shoe lecture room on campus, designed to facilitate interactive learning, particularly case teaching. It made sense to once again bring this room into the future with the latest teaching and learning facilities.

After consulting with students, staff and the Students’ Union about what the room should be used for and how you’d like it to look, we have actioned your views.

A0.23 after refurbishmentA0.23 after refurbishment
  • You said the room was too dark so we've installed two new windows to maximise the light.
  • You said there weren't enough power sockets so we've added additional sockets and distributed the power throughout the room.
  • You said the entrance/ exit was too congested so we've moved the doors to the middle to allow for better circulation in the room and to ensure your lectures can start on time.

The refurbishments to A0.23 were carried out by the same architects we’ll be using to design the new Teaching and Learning Building which will go on Tocil field. You'll start seeing initial works for this building taking place next Spring. Using the same company for our current refurbishments means we’re able to trial new ideas for the innovative configuration of teaching space and show you what the new building could look like, whilst creating an immediate benefit to you in use of this room.

A0.23 re-opened for teaching in late October and we hope you’re able to experience the new setting soon, if you haven’t already.