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THE Leadership & Management Award shortlist 2016

thelmaCongratulations to our Development and Alumni Relations Teams who have reached the shortlist stage for THE Leadership and Management awards 2016! The winner will be announced on 23 June. The THELMAs 2016 recognise those with exceptional knowledge, who make realities of strategic ambitions and deliver what staff and students need.

The Outstanding Development/Alumni Relations Team Award

Nominations for the Outstanding Development/Alumni Relations Team Award are rewarded to Universities who have showed innovation and success in encouraging alumni engagement with, and philanthropic giving to, an institution.

In 2006, Warwick launched our first £50m campaign ending in 2015, our 50th Anniversary year. Compared to more established universities our fundraising team was small (6 fundraisers in 2006), and our alumni young (average age 40 in 2006). However, in 2015 we were thrilled to announce that £73m had been raised in philanthropic gifts across campus.

Warwick is renowned as a flexible and entrepreneurial institution and this is certainly true for Development. When an alumnus approached us with an idea about a teaching programme in Africa which would benefit Warwick students and the poorest areas in Africa, we responded quickly to develop a programme. Warwick in Africa is now in its 10th year, raises £300,000pa, has reached 280,000 African students and trained 1,900 teachers. Over 400 Warwick students have volunteered as teachers.

Our Multicultural Scholarship Programme is another example of our nimble approach. A US supporter was outlining his thoughts on the diversity vacuum in major law firms, and asked us how we thought this could be reduced through education. Warwick developed the MSP programme, funding students from backgrounds with the least representation in the legal profession to study Law at Warwick, and to take part in career-enhancing activities such as Board Meetings, national and international internships and cultural activities. This has now been expanded to Engineering and Warwick Business School. Today the programme has 122 scholars and alumni, and has raised £700,000.

Congratulations to all team members who have been involved in these campaigns, being shortlisted is a great recognition of achievement.