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This week in Did You Know?: Teaching quality

In a new series of features, each week we’ll be taking a look at a different area of the student experience and finding out more about the work being undertaken to develop that area. This week we look at teaching quality.

At Warwick, we believe that high quality teaching should be recognised and encouraged. We have an exceptional success record in the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) and run the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE) to reward inspiring staff.

The NTFS awards scheme provides recognition for teaching excellence throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the last seven years, Warwick academics have collected eleven awards - a fantastic achievement for the University and its teaching staff.

Professor Peter Abrahams

Case study: Professor Peter Abrahams, Warwick Medical School

After winning a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008, Professor Peter Abrahams continued his success by collecting a National Teaching Fellowship in 2011. When teaching in the Medical School, Peter's enthusiasm and seemingly limitless energy have inspired countless students. He attributes a lot of his success to embracing technology and multimedia, which he uses to enrich the learning experience of his students – whether it's artwork, literature or video – and every lecture is a multimedia feast.

Peter's dedication to his students' learning is demonstrated best by his willingness to do whatever it takes to help his students learn. Professor Abrahams underwent a specialist colonoscopy at the hands of a colleague, resulting in a film which is now used as a valuable and unique teaching aid. It outlines his level of commitment towards excellent, innovative teaching practice and landed him the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship.

In illustrating a learning point you must show it in many different aspects for all your students to understand and to do this may mean even acting the clown, dressing up, stripping off your clothes or standing on your head – all things that I have done in the name of Education." Prof. Peter Abrahams