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Trade in Lunacy: Cure, containment and corruption

Trade in Lunacy poster'Trade in Lunacy' (subtitled 'Cure, containment, corruption: A theatrical examination of 18th century private asylums') is a chamber theatre production as part of a new collaboration between the Warwick Centre for the History of Medicine and Talking Birds theatre group. The project is linked to Professor Hilary Marland’s research on the subject. Performances will take place three-times per day from 27-29 June 2013 in The Shop Front Theatre in Coventry City Centre.

'Trade in Lunacy' is inspired by the practices of treating those diagnosed with ‘diseases of the mind’ in private houses set up by individual entrepreneurs to generate income and enhance claims to cure. Performances will run 27-29 June at 2pm, 5pm and 6.30pm daily, with an expert panel discussion and reception following the 27 June (6.30pm) performance.

The production is supported by the Wellcome Trust’s Centre Strategic Award, 'Situating medicine: New directions in the history of medicine' and Arts Council, England.

Further information

Tickets cost £4 (£3 concessions) and can be booked online. Further details are available on the Trade in Lunacy webpages. Alternatively you can email Tracy Horton. via our