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Warwick Transatlantic Fellowships: Apply now

The Humanities Research Centre invites applications for the Warwick Transatlantic Fellowships, which are intended to deepen and broaden the research links between Warwick and universities in North America.

The Fellowships are intended to be short-term, e.g. one or two weeks, though fellows can of course stay longer if they wish. All Fellowships may be taken up during the 2014-2015 academic year and must not extend beyond June 2015.

Warwick-based applicants

In 2014-15 we will be offering up to 10 Warwick Transatlantic Fellowships to Warwick doctoral students (not in their first year) and post-doctoral/early career fellows (up to 5 yrs. post PhD) who can make an excellent research case for spending a short period of time at a North American university. It should be more than attendance at a conference or research in an archive. We expect applicants to have made initial approaches to overseas academics before applying and the application should outline what research outcomes are expected.

The reports provided by previous fellows might be a useful guide to what is expected.

Fellowships will be worth £1,500 for 2014-15. Although administered by the Humanities Research Centre, they will be open to all departments in the University, and judged by a small committee.

US and Caribbean-based applicants

In addition, Warwick is pleased to offer a further two Warwick Transatlantic Fellowships to North American and Caribbean-based post-doctoral fellows who wish to spend a short period here, working with a Warwick-based academic.

Find out more and apply

The closing date is 31 October 2014