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Preparation for Summer Road Works

Students and Staff will be aware that this summer the University, in partnership with Coventry City Council, will start work on a project to improve the safety of Gibbet Hill Road and relieve traffic congestion. Part of this work will include a new roundabout at the junction of Gibbet Hill Road and University Road, close to the Arts Centre and Car Park 4, and an enhanced bus interchange located where the buses currently operate in the approach to that junction.

In order to prepare for the work, unfortunately the University will need to remove some trees and hedgerow from that area. We'll need to do so now to make sure we don't disturb nesting birds which could otherwise choose to nest in those trees between March and October. All the preparatory tree removal works will be finished by the end of February. We don't expect any significant disruption to traffic on campus during this work.

The road and transport improvement works on that site will not start until after this year's exam period is finished to avoid disturbance to students at this critical time.

Whilst the University is committed to improving road access and safety for staff and students, of course the University is equally committed to ensuring that our campus will, for generations to come, continue to be home to a great many trees. Therefore, we will remove only the minimum number of trees necessary for the road improvement works to be undertaken. We will plant replacement trees in this area as soon as possible. The University will plant 600 more new trees this year in addition to the 24,000 new trees planted as part of our Jubilee Wood project last year.

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Concept art for the new bus interchange