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Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme 2012-13

The latest applications process for the 2012-13 Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme (URSS) closes on Friday 1 February 2013. The URSS provides bursaries of up to £1,000 to enable undergraduate students to undertake a short (4 to 10 week) research project within a department or research centre.

The URSS has been given a significant, ongoing grant of central funding from the University, guaranteeing bursaries for 150 students each year. This is in addition to contributions from alumni and friends of Warwick and IATL. This secured funding will enable these research and internship opportunities for undergraduate students to be embedded and extended.

About the scheme

The URSS is the only one of its kind in the UK to centrally fund over 100 projects each year, and, with this funding the University is highlighting its commitment to nurturing and enhancing a research culture amongst its undergraduate community.

Departments and research centres are invited to nominate potential projects which offer undergraduate students the opportunity to gain an insight into research work and to develop their transferable skills. The scheme criteria are applied to the research projects and the opportunities they offer undergraduate students rather than to the qualities or skills of the undergraduates themselves.

The URSS gives students the chance to become directly involved in the research work of the University, gain first-hand experience as a member of a research team and participate in cutting-edge research. This can be important as work experience and can influence the direction of future work or study.

Once the potential supervisor and the student have agreed the project and people involved, each needs to submit a parallel online application form.

Undergraduate Research Affiliate Scheme

As a new direction, the URSS is keen to continue to collaborate with departments to understand what research possibilities are already available and could be absorbed as part of the Undergraduate Research Affiliate Scheme in order that students can benefit from the available training and certification programme.

Find out more

To find out more about applications for the 2013 scheme, visit the URSS website. To discuss ways to develop the scheme through collaborations email the URSS team.