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Student occupation: Update Tuesday 13 December

A small group of students continue their occupation of the Slate building. Alternative arrangements are being put in place to relocate events scheduled to take place in the Slate wherever possible and we are aware of statements the group has made regarding the impact on staff of not being able to hold events as planned.

The Students' Union President notified us over the weekend that the heating system was malfunctioning, and we established that there had been a mechanical failure within the system that provides the hot water and heating in the building. When the building was first occupied on 2 December 2016 external contractors were still making final adjustments and system tests so this may explain why such an issue has arisen. We have been in contact with the external contractors who still have oversight of the building given final checks have not been completed, and they are now investigating.

We recognise that the loss of heating and hot water may impact the wellbeing of the students in the building and we are concerned about their welfare in this context. We continue to seek to engage with them to ensure their welfare and to bring a peaceful conclusion to their occupation.

We will continue to update staff and students as we can.

Mike Glover
Academic Registrar

Tuesday 13 December 2016