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Warwick Food and Drink - changes are happening

Coffee grown by Francisco Herrera of AsoapiaWarwick Food and Drink previously known as Delivered Food and Drink are a passionate, creative, customer focused team who welcome the opportunity to help you plan for your University events. Providing refreshments and lunches across campus, they also offer themed buffets, barbeques, picnics and stylish, bespoke dining.

A new look website will be launched shortly that has been designed to inform, inspire and assist you when booking an event. You will also see:

Fresh milk provided with all refreshments

Further to feedback, UHT milk has been removed and fresh milk is being provided with all hot beverages. The milk is being served in its original container in support of local suppliers and as proof of origin and use by date.

Freshly ground coffee served as standard from 23 April when you order hot beverages

The new coffee has been grown at La Carita Farm by Francisco Herrera of Asoapia, then freshly ground by the team before service using a ‘Mahlkonig’ coffee grinder to give a more refined taste.

New service equipment from 23 April

Expect to see new flasks and urns for the service of beverages which have a sleeker design, improved insulation and clearer labelling.

Improved signage and labelling on buffets

Labelling of all buffet food will be improved over the coming months to assist customer selection and allow easy identification of key ingredients, particularly allergens. This will be in line with EU legislation to be introduced by the end of 2014.

Enhanced, reusable buffet platters

New platters will enhance the presentation and look of your event for your guests. The trays and serving dishes will be reusable and instructions regarding collection of these items will be provided with your delivery on a card.

The goal of Warwick Food and Drink is to develop and improve working relationships and provide fresh, seasonal products from an evolving range that can be relied upon. If you have any thoughts or you would like to discuss your next event, please get in touch. Changes are happening!

Tel: 024 765 23789 or 024 765 23279
(note: the email address has altered to reflect the update of the departmental name though does still work)