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Warwick FP7 Projects in Progress network: project timesheets session 12 February

Ever struggled with your project timesheets? Fallen behind in completing them or found yourself confused and frustrated? The EU Projects in Progress Network (PIPs) runs regular events at Warwick, designed to streamline and improve the way EU research projects are managed. On Tuesday 12 February from 9.30am-12.30pm there will be a session discussing research project timesheets and ways we are working towards a new, University-wide, online tool for improving this process.

The session will explore a better approach to producing timesheets so that they fulfil the funder's requirements yet are also useable and manageable for the academics and administrators who have to complete them. The session will first feed in the group’s views on how to build better timesheets in theory and then work with a member of IT services to start exploring a new, practical electronic timesheet system. In this way we can begin to build something that works for projects and is sustainable for staff.

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This session is being organised by Laura Downey, Martin Price, India Foster and Eleanor Davis.  

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