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Location identified for Warwick in California Graduate School

Roseville City Council in California has agreed to enter into negotiations into the sale of property to the University Development Foundation (UDF) which would enable Warwick to establish its California Graduate School.

Securing the property is an important step towards enabling us to establish our presence in the region and to developing a full undergraduate campus on the land donated by the UDF in neighbouring Placer County.

The building currently houses the Roseville fire service, which is being relocated to a new fire station in the spring. It was built in 1974, and would be remodelled and upgraded to host 400-450 students by 2018. The development supports the city’s municipal goals of securing higher education offices within the city and invigorating its downtown area.

Work continues at Warwick to secure full degree-awarding accreditation in the United States, and to agree the areas of study which will be offered.

Sean Hand, Dean of the Warwick California Graduate School, has recently toured Faculty events to discuss the developing programme. Further opportunities to find out more about the plans will be offered throughout the coming months.

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Staff briefing:
Friday 9 December

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