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Warwick philosopher wins part of £2 million grant

Warwick has been awarded part of a £2 million Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) grant to study the philosophy of our senses.

Professor Matthew Nudds, Head of the University’s Philosophy department, will be involved in the ‘Rethinking the senses: uniting the philosophy and neuroscience of perception’ project.

The project will be based at the University of London, with co-investigators at the University of Glasgow, and University of Oxford as well as Warwick.
Professor Nudds said:

I'm looking forward to working with colleagues from the sciences to conduct experiments that test our philosophical theories.

The project will bring together philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists to work in an interdisciplinary and reciprocal way to develop an account of multisensory perception; and with others in the humanities and the arts – including artists, filmmakers, and musicians – to trace the consequences of this account for our wider understanding of the senses and our sensory experience.

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The three-year project will begin this autumn, further details of the project will be announced at and on Warwick's Philosophy Department website.

Matthew Nudds