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Warwick Words Summer Festival: 4-8 June

WWWarwick Words Summer Festival reflects local celebrations and national commemorations.

This year, Warwick celebrates 1,100 years since its founding in 914 and we welcome speakers who will showcase the history and architecture of our county town. As the nation marks the centenary of the start of the Great War, we bring you talks by Taylor Downing and Jon Cooksey which will illuminate our understanding of wartime-events.

Warwick Arts Faculty has worked collaboratively with the Warwick Words Literary Festival since 2012. They offer a series of public lectures called Tea Time Talks which run during the festival and throughout the year. All sessions take place on Saturday afternoons at 4pm at the Friends Meeting House, 39 High St, Warwick. During the warwick Words Festival on 7 June they will be hosting a workshop entitled 'Ode to a Rat? A New Perspective on the Poetry of World War One' at Friends Meeting House, 10am – 1pm.

2014 dates:

Summer Festival: 5–8 June 2014, various locations around town, Warwick
Autumn Festival: 2–5 October 2014, various locations around town, Warwick

Visit the festival website for more information about full programme of events and to book tickets.