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Ideas Space: Warwick Swap Stationery

We’ve recently launched Warwick Swap: Stationery, a service like the existing Warwick Swap for furniture, but set up as a place for departments to advertise stationery they no longer need or from multiple ordering so that other departments can use it for free.

The idea for a stationery Warwick Swap was submitted by Tracy Horton from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies on the Ideas Space webpages. The review panel felt it really encapsulated the Simplify, Collaborate and Deliver programme and certainly should be developed further. Tracy said:

I started the idea on Ideas Space when I realised that there were toners ordered that no-one was using, hoping to assist in saving the environment and also saving money for the University. At first there were two ideas: one a central stationery store and then via Warwick Swap. It made sense to do via Swap as management for a central store would have meant additional resource funding, whereas Warwick Swap is already successfully set up and accessible."

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What is Ideas Space?

The Ideas Space is an exciting environment where our staff and postgraduate researchers can collaboratively post, review, and develop new ideas and initiatives, create opportunities and find solutions to business problems.

The goal of the Ideas Space is to support and develop our culture of innovation and creativity. In fact, the Ideas Space itself was borne out of an idea pitched at a Warwick Dragons’ Den event as a practical tool to support the Registrar’s vision of Simplify, Collaborate, Deliver. The idea was then supported through its development and here we are today.
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