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WATEPGR 2014 Winners announced

pgrThis year's winners and commendees of the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduate Research Students (WATE PGR) have been announced. Congratulations to everyone involved, it's a great sign of recognition and celebration of the excellent teaching by postgraduate research students.



Annouchka Bayley, Warwick Business School

Annouchka adopts a practice as research style of teaching which more often is associated with the artist’s studio rather than the traditional seminar rooms.

She made us want to come to class and made us really think about everything in a new light. Her lessons had such an impact on us that we still discuss the outcomes of them now”


Roxanne Bibizadeh, English & Comparative Literature

Roxanne is committed to designing modules which transform, challenge, and engage students, using personal significance and contemporary relevance.

I have no doubt that this course is one of the most successful on our programme this year. Her new courses have been praised as ‘cutting edge’ – challenging students to engage with contested ideas and to develop interdisciplinary mind-sets."


Philip Gaydon, Philosophy/Learning Grid

A common theme to Phil's diverse range of teaching activities is his desire to ensure his students (be they 10 or 30 years old) enjoyed philosophy and engaged in learning through this enjoyment that maximized student autonomy and ownership of thought.

Phil makes philosophy come alive for students and he has adapted open space learning methodologies in new ways”


Laura Wood, English & Comparative Literature

Laura aims to make her seminars relaxed and informal to encourage students to feel comfortable and confident in sharing their ideas and perspectives. She encourages students to see texts from a whole new perspective by enabling them to tease out the nuances in the texts and to engage with it in a new way.

Taught with great enthusiasm and a deep knowledge and understanding and has given some of the most enjoyable and interesting seminars I have taken part in”


Jamie Young, Chemistry

Jamie's ability to bring the subject to life by asking thought provoking questions of his students enables them to engage more deeply with the concept rather than being intimidated by the experimental procedures.

The demonstrator, Jamie was so passionate and involved with his subject. He was inspirational and asked really interesting questions that made one consider and learn”

WATEPGR Commendees

Congratulation to the following PGRs who received commendations in the WATEPGR Awards. Each commendee will receive £200 to be spent on research or teaching.

federico_botta_final.jpgFederico Botta (Complexity Science)
draganaDragana Pavlovic (Statistics)
Robert Bird
(Computer Science)
jamesJames Massey (Economics)

Find out more about WATEPGR Awards scheme

To learn more about this year's winners, or to find out how you can get involved in next year's nominations, visit the WATEPGR website.