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Warwick Medical School Inaugural Lecture Series 2014

Members of the public, University colleagues and associates are invited to attend and find out more about the work undertaken in the Medical School. In 2014 WMS have held a number of Leading Lights lectures, the last in this series is on 'Natural history of pathogenic bacteria that infect humans' held on 28 May.

bNatural history of pathogenic bacteria that infect humans

Many serious or even life-threatening human diseases are caused by specific bacteria, including ulcers, plague, cerebrospinal meningitis and enteric fever.In this lecture, Professor Achtman will focus on the bacteria that cause these diseases, with insights on their global transmissions and genetic changes over centuries to millenia.

Welcome reception starts at 11:30, the lecture will start at 12:00 at Medical Teaching Centre, Gibbet Hill on Wednesday 28 May.

As places are limited, attendees are asked to book in advance. For any queries please email wms dot events at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Previous Leading Light lectures

If you missed any of the previous Leading Lights lectures they are available to watch online:

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